All About Me

Hey, I’m Chrissy. I’m just a girl that loves to write, sing, play guitar, craft, cook & bake and mostly make fun of the world. Yeah, I know, just like a billion other people. I’m also single (gasp) so I always have a sometimes weird and sometimes funny dating story to tell. It’s rough out there, dammit. Somehow all these interests come together in a cohesive way, I swear. Oh, here’s where I mention my three year old Shichon (look it up, yo) Jackson B. He is hilarious and the very best company/helper anyone could ask for. We are very tight. I seem to attract the weirdos, misfits & Muppets, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My life is better for it. So, stick with me, yo. I’ll definitely make you laugh. Later, goofballs.

4 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. girl, you rock! i can’t wait to read this blog. i’m so glad you started one. according to my son i have no street cred. he comes home from school with all these words and phrases and i am clueless. some of the latest are “southside, bro” and “aint nobody got time for dat”. i think he might have multiple personalities but they’re integrated so it’s all good in the hood, right? yeah. the little punk has resigned on our last two games of words with friends. i got mad skillz. although Chrissy is beating the snot out of me.

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