Almond Butter “Fudge”

Ok, normally I hate when people just throw words out there, that explain something different than they mean. Like “fudge.” That should mean a (most likely) chocolate, sugary confection that is soft but solid, that melts in your mouth and that you purchase in seaside confectionaries.

That is not what this is. This is more like a “candy”-ish treat that is solid only when frozen, immediately melts in your mouth, (or At room temperature), and not super sweet. I guess since I have no idea what you would call that, fudge will have to work.

Whatever it is, it’s delicious. I got the recipe here.

It’s keeping me from eating an entire jar of M & M’s, that I don’t even really like. Dieting messes with you that way, doesn’t it? Suddenly, cutting out sweets and other bad stuff makes you eye the ketchup bottle like its mannah from heaven. Please don’t tell anyone that I squirted a teaspoon of ketchup in my mouth earlier, that would be soooo embarrassing. 🙂

Anyway, this stuff is great, I urge you try it, using your own homemade almond butter, of course. That is, if you have 30 minutes and a high toleration for pain. 😉

The only thing I did differently was add some Vanilla bean paste to my almond butter, and put the mixture in chocolate molds so they would be pretty. I don’t free-form cut well, sadly. Maybe my mom didn’t spend enough time making me practice with scissors when I was in preschool or something, who knows?

So here are my pretty gems, my new best friend that’s keeping me out of trouble:


Have a great Sunday, goofballs.

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