Cauliflower “Alfredo” Sauce

Angels are singing. Can you hear them? They are singing because they must have made Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce like I did for dinner.

I got the recipe from this blog. I love a lot of the Detoxinista’s recipes. She’s great. And so is this freaking sauce.

The only alterations I made to this recipe were to use a 16 oz bag of frozen cauliflower, because that’s what I had, I also added sautéed onions, and used 1 cup of almond-coconut milk to make it even creamier, instead of the water. Ahhhhhmazing! I truly insist you try this. I was an avid cauliflower hater before tonight. Now, I’m rethinking everything. Ok, not leg warmers. They’re still stupid. 🙂

I’m already plotting and planning when I can eat this next. I’m thinking as a white sauce for pizza, a sauce in veggie lasagna, or even just over other veggies. I am astounded that it tastes so sinful but is so healthy. I planned on having to add Parmesan cheese for taste, but it wasn’t necessary. The taste is fantastic.

Ok, I’m gushing. Why don’t you try it yourself and see what the fuss is about. You will soooo not be disappointed.

Nite, goofballs. I’m gonna go revel in my healthfulness. Hellz yeah!

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