Pineapple & Coconut

So, I have several people in my life who are going through really hard times the past few weeks, and all the worrying and wishing I were back home for them in NJ caught up with me. I can’t be there right now, and I really want/need to be. It’s making me sad, but keeping in contact through the days has helped.

I needed comfort food in a huge way. I’ve been very busy changing my eating habits for the better- lots of fruit smoothies, veggies, healthy light dinners. It’s been working and I already feel better. I’m definitely on the right track. But, you know sometimes how you just really need something that makes you feel all warm & gooey on the inside? Lol. (Normally, I’m more sarcastic & smart ass on the inside). Well, I was weeding all the not-good-for-me-so-I-better-unpin-this-shit-immediately recipes out of my Pinterest boards, and I came across a recipe for Pineapple Whip. I just purchased a fresh pineapple from the market yesterday, too. How perfect.

Pineapple whip:

1 whole pineapple, peel removed, cored & diced. Freeze chunks for at least 4 hours until solid.
1 cup almond coconut milk, unsweetened (or regular milk, or soy or whatever you usually drink)
2 tablespoons honey (optional, but recommended).

Once your pineapple is frozen, place in your high-powered blender along with the milk and honey. Purée until smooth. You’ll probably need to use your tamper to get it smooth enough. Consume right away, as its like soft-serve-ish consistency. Leftovers? I put some in Popsicle molds and the rest in tuppy cups I use when I make Italian ice & froze them. (You could also freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays & use it in your smoothies for the week.)

Sweet & satisfying. You MUST try this, I insist. Original recipe here.

Later, I noticed I had a can of coconut milk in the fridge that I needed to use up. I found a recipe for coconut whipped cream and I thought I’d try it.

Coconut whipped cream:

1 can refrigerated (overnight at least) coconut milk (not the light version.)
1/2 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I used my vanilla bean paste and it was great in this).

Separate liquid from “coconut cream” and place coconut cream only in mixing bowl. add sugar and vanilla. Whip using beaters or stand mixer until light and fluffy. (About 2 minutes?) This will not get quite to the consistency of whipped cream, it is a bit softer than that, but equally satisfying, I believe. Use it like you would whipped cream. On berries, pies, pudding, strawberry shortcakes, etc…

Then, suddenly, I had the epiphany that my coconut whipped cream would be AMAZING on my pineapple whip. It so was. Brilliance. 🙂

Give these two a try, together or not, they are both amazing. And rather than blow all my hard work for the week, these two recipes are gonna help me stay on track while giving me the comfort food I crave.

I’m still pining away for my family and friends in NJ, wishing I could be there for them, but keeping busy in my kitchen today helped a lot. I love you guys so much! I’ll be home to see you soon!!

Well, goofballs, that’s about it. Have a great Sunday evening.


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