Baby, You’re a Firework

Happy Independence Day, goofballs! I hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

I myself have been recovering from my LASIK eye surgery that I had last Friday, and staying close to home, and out of direct sunlight. So, fireworks tonight are sadly probably out as well.

I’ve been in my kitchen, of course. While my Dad was here, I made pulled pork tacos, some yummy chef salads with this delicious citrus-mustard Vinaigrette, some bread (of course), fresh mozzarella, and various other fun things. We went to tour the battleship Wisconsin, which is anchored in Norfolk. What…a good idea. My Dad is a big history buff, and although he was in the Army, not the Navy, it was an interesting trip and a good activity. Having him here was really great. I miss him so much since I’ve moved.

So, I can see. It’s really amazing that they can take a laser, cut back your corneal flap, use another laser to reshape your cornea so you can see again, in 20/20 vision. Wen I say again, for me that was probably like the first few months after birth. I was the kid in kindergarten with glasses. Super cute, I know. I never had a prayer of being cool. But it’s all good. Being a kid in kindergarten with glasses forces you to develop your sense of humor and other talents. šŸ™‚ So, you can imagine how waking up being able to see has changed my life completely. It’s a whole new world now. Best thing I ever did. I’m so pleased with the results. And, once the red spots leave my eyes, I won’t look like a zombie anymore and that will be awesome.

Back to cooking- today I marinaded a skirt steak using the leftover citrus-mustard dressing, (I added some honey, cayenne, Worcestershire and soy sauce), then broiled that sucker for the perfect (and I mean perfect) amount of time, then smothered it in caramelized onions. What? Best.steak.ever. No lie. Here it is:


Have a fantastic Fourth of July, goofballs. Xo

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