…as in, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Sometimes the simplest food is the best. Today, recovering from a migraine this morning, after calling my Dad and wishing him a Happy Father’s Day (yeah, he was supposed to be here, but we had a change in plans. He’s coming at the end of the month instead) and cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, etc I wanted something comforting. So, I remembered I had a can of cannellini beans in the pantry And some stock I needed to use up. So, cannellini bean soup it is. I warmed up the beans and the stock, caramelized some onions, added some salt, pepper and puréed it all up in my Vitamix (I LOVE that thing) added a little Parmesan cheese and that was that. Enough for lunch today and lunch tomorrow. Woop. Delicious & comforting. And, so simple. About 15 minutes to prepare. LoBe.

I love you, Dad. I got my sense of humor, ability to be flexible and bounce back from you, and these are amazing survival skills everyone should have. Lucky for me, I learned early that life is not fair. 🙂 I’d prefer if we were together today, but I’ll see you in a few weeks. JB and I cant wait! Xo

Have a great (fathers) day, goofballs.

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