Well, I went to our community yard sale to sell some of my goodies this weekend, and it was a semi-success. I sold some sauce & some bread, soup and salsa mix. Note to self: have a bowl of sauce out with bread squares so people can taste it. Otherwise they will have no idea that its so wonderful they can’t live without it. 🙂 I started to get sunburned, though, so I left after about 4 hours or so. I’d call it a good first try.

So, while I was lazing around today, I got a hankerin’ for a smoothie. I’m doing my very best to stay away from buying one when I have the ingredients at home and they are more healthy when you make them yourself. So, I made a peach-yogurt-honey-coconut milk smoothie that was so delicious. It was smoothie heaven. But as usual, I had some leftover. Not enough for another whole smoothie, but too much to throw out… So, I made Popsicles! Brilliant!!! (If I my say so.) Try it next time you have some leftover smoothie. 🙂 yummy!


Then later today, I was looking around thinking I really needed to vacuum and thought I wished I had some sweet-smellin’ carpet powder to put down first. I didn’t. But I do remember reading I could make my own. Holla! I mixed baking soda with some (probably a little too much) jasmine essential oil, put it in a large mason jar, shook it up and voila! Only, how do I shake it out without dumping it all in a heap? So, I took the little lid insert thingy and drilled a bunch of holes in it then replaced it, put the ring on top and I was in business. Worked like a charm and I spent probably 25 cents on it instead of $4. Woop! Try it, just remember to take it easy with the EO. Whoah. 🙂

Have a great weekend, goofballs! Xo


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