Blue Skies… Nothing but Blue Skies

It is an absolutely amazing, beautiful, sunny (but not at all hot) day here in Southeastern Virginia. I am having trouble staying buckled down to my desk. I was thinking that I might want to sew velcro onto my seat, but walking around with the other half of the velcro on my butt probably wouldn’t be awesome. Plus, I’d have to sew it onto all my pants, so that’s kind of impractical.) It’s so nice out that I wish I had a lawn chair to prop out on the grass and work out there. And, if you know me and how I generally feel about the outdoors, you know this is serious. Don’t worry, I am OK, I haven’t lost it quite yet. I am just so happy that I think I have finally found the cure for what ails me. Well, at least one thing that ails me, lol.

I have suffered from eczema since I can remember, on one part of my bod or another. It’s embarrassing, its ugly, it’s painful, its itchy, and frankly a flare up is a good way to ruin a good mood. Recently, I have developed an awful patch on my wrist. Which makes me unhappy since it’s the hand I wear my watch on (annoying!) and I wear my Dad’s watch everyday to keep me close to him, though we are so far apart. (ok, that was a tad bit sappy- he wouldn’t approve. But I wear it because it was his and he is an awesome Dad.) I have woken up some mornings in the very recent past where I have apparently scratched that patch raw while I was sleeping. to the point of getting bloody. Ok, gross, I know. But if you suffer from eczema, you know what I mean and you can relate. I have tried prescription creams, diet modification, over the counter medications, and recently even considered laser treatment. Nothing helped- in fact, most of the “cures” either made it worse or had no effect at all. And btw, those prescription creams are often not covered by insurance, so I ended up paying a small fortune to make my condition worse. Not cool.

Back to the point…I was surfing Pinterest and I found an article about a woman who had two sons who suffered from extreme eczema on their legs to the point of open, cracked wounds. Poor babies! I can’t even imagine how awful that would be. And kids aren’t always that tactful, so I am sure they got teased for it. 😦 Anyway, she went through many of the same prescriptions, diet changes, treatments, etc.. that I did for them, all to no avail. Then she either read something or someone told her to try APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. She dilutes it in a 1:4 ratio with distilled water and soaks cotton balls and dabs their affected patches with it. She said almost instantly (after the initial burning feeling) their itch was gone, and she started to see a marked improvement within just a few days. WHAT????? I cannot tell you how many copays and prescriptions I have paid for when the solution was a bottle of magic Apple Cider Vinegar available in any grocery store across the nation for about $1.67. Seriously?

So, I tried it. It stung like a motha at first. But once I got over that, it actually soothed the itching. I applied it about 3 times that first day, last time being right before bed. When I woke up, I had a very noteworthy improvement in the patch. Fast forward three days later, and you can barely see it at all. OH.MY.GOD. I wish I had a before picture so I could show you how bad it was. (totally icky, red, raw, and nasty) but now, after only 3 days of this treatment…


You can’t even see it, can you? Miracle? I think not. I owe it all to Apple Cider Vinegar, my new BFF.

Please give it a shot if you suffer from eczema like I do. I’m not a doctor, but this did work for me. I am seeing nothing but blue skies now… no more eczema scowl.

Later, goofballs. I need to get back outside. xoxoxo (You get extra today because I am in such a good mood! 🙂


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