Take a Hint

Are you kidding me? How have I never thought of fruit essence water? Sangria without the wine & the sugar. Water, only WAY better. I happened to be shopping on Amazon a while back and saw this drink called Hint. It is “unsweetened essence water.” So simple, but brilliant. Lets face it, plain old water, while essential, is sometimes boring, and when we are bored with it, we don’t drink enough of it, and then dehydrate and end up with scaly skin or migraines, or (gasp) chapped lips. Yucky.

Ok, so I ordered a case of their pomegranate-tangerine flavor. Amazing. Did I say amazing? It is so great, I drank the whole 16 ounces in like 2 minutes. It wasn’t super expensive, about $16 for a dozen 16 ounce bottles, (free shipping with my Prime Account), so about $1.32 each. About what I would pay for an iced tea or bottled water at a convenience store. Totally worth it, because its super healthy, gets me to drink more water, and tastes a-Maz-ing! I actually looked up the company, Hint, and a really cool & smart woman started it. Genius. I’m a little pissed I didn’t think of it myself, actually.

Then I thought, “hey dummy, you could so easily make this yourself.” Duh. I looked up their other flavors, read reviews, then decided to try making my own. I had some fresh cranberries in the refrig I needed to use, some apples and an orange that needed rescuing as well. So. Voila! I made my own fruit essence water. (Which is what is now in the Hint bottle. You can tell because the real deal is completely clear and mine has a “hint” of orange color to it. Har, har.)

So, I sliced the orange and apple pretty thin after washing them really well (because you are keeping the skins on) and put them in a pitcher, then added the cranberries and covered the fruit with cold filtered water. I let mine steep in the refrigerator for about 2 hours before I couldn’t stand waiting anymore, and then poured some into the old Hint bottle. And guess what? It’s freaking delicious. As good as Hint, if not better because I made it myself with my own fruit flavor combinations.


Some other combinations I can’t wait to try:
Watermelon, lime
Strawberry, cranberry, blackberry
Peach & vanilla
Honeydew, peach, lime
Strawberry, lemon
Apple, pear, cranberry
Pineapple, blackberry

Happy hydrating, goofballs! Xo.


4/25/13 Update: Strawberry apple lime was pretty good. Raspberry/peach/vanilla is a winner!


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