Hey, Jerky!

I’m back…clearly it’s the weekend because I’ve barely left my kitchen. Since 6 am.

Because a girl cannot live on fruit-essenced water alone, I made some jerky. Yeah, I suppose those two are like polar opposites on the food spectrum, but somehow that makes it even more interesting to me. Of course.

I marinated a one-pound sirloin that I cut into thin (~1/8″ thick?) strips and let them sit for a few days in the fridge. This morning around 6 am, I put those strips, slightly spaced out, on two silicone-mat lined sheet pans and cooked them at 175 degrees for 3 hours. (you could use parchment, or foil, of course. But, I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without my silicone-mat lined half sheet pans. They are everything.) Then I flipped those suckers over, and cooked or another hour. They were definitely jerky textured by then. Don’t let them get too dry or they will be like dry shards of glass in your mouth. Ick. And ouch!

Anyway, I marinaded mine in my favorite go-to beef marinade; soy sauce, honey, cayenne, ginger & garlic. Use mine, or use yours. Chances are, the jerky will fly off the plate & you’ll have an opportunity to make more very soon. 🙂 Yum. I’m sending some to my Dad along with some more marinara sauce. Gotta make sure Grammie has her sauce, lol. Later, goofballs!



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