Bunny Love

Well, I finally made the cake pops. All I did was bake a cake (lemon in this case), let it cool, crumble the crumbs into a bowl:

Add about a half recipe of homemade vanilla frosting, mix it all up, form into balls, put on sticks & freeze overnight.

Then I dipped them in white chocolate and added my fondant decorations (ears & nose) and chocolate sprinkle whiskers. Adorable!!!!!

I made a bunch of pops and then filled in my cake pop stand with some of the molded chocolate bunnies, chicks & flowers I made earlier:

Oh yeah, I made a fondant bunny, too. Just to see if I could. That almond-vanilla fondant is totally yum-may!!!! That bunny MIGHT make it to work on Friday. Might.

Have a great evening, goofballs! Xo


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