Pop…Goes Spring!

Hey goofballs, Happy first day of Spring!

I thought it was only fitting that I show share one of my newest projects with you… a Cake Pop Stand. Of course, I would love to take credit for this idea, but I cannot. You know where I got the idea, but I did change it up a bit and “Chrissify” it. 🙂

Cake Pop Stand

So, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but I went to Michaels, purchased a few different sized wood plaques & some wood glue and craft paints (used a coupon, woohoo!) and came up with this. Just layered the plaques (there were so many different shapes to choose from, I just liked this one best) glued them with some super wood glue, painted them a base coat of white, let that dry, then painted with a pretty thin layer of gold glitter paint on top of that. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but in person it looks as if I had gold-leafed it. pretty cool. I forgot to mention that I drilled all the holes myself. This one Holds 33 pops and I plan to make the center hole a little bigger so I can put a dowel in there that holds a sign of some sort. More on that later. I am pretty pleased with it. I am planning a special cake pop treat for my coworkers on Easter (well, the Friday before) so I needed to finally put this plan into action.

While I was at Michaels, I found these:

Candy Googly Eyes

Um, yeah. Candy googly eyes. Did you even know they existed? I am LoBing this idea! I think they will look cute on the bunny shaped cake pops, don’t you?

And, just in case I didn’t have enough cake pops to fill the stand, I purchased this easter-themed chocolate or candy mold to make a few extra items to fill in:

Easter Lollipop Mold


So, besides the crafts, I have been deep in thought, as usual, about life, love, and what it’s all about. (no, not you, Alfie. Crap, that reference is so old, most of my readers won’t know what that means. Sigh.) What I came up with is that, if you know me, you know I have had an interesting (not always in the greatest way) life so far, and even though some of my friends think my life is boring right now, I am so very grateful for the calm. So there. I am letting the sun shine on my face and planning on not letting my loBe go to waste. As soon as I can find someone awesome who isn’t married or mean, or a drunk, or living with bodies buried in their basement. That narrows the field a bit, I know… 🙂

Have a fantastic first day of Spring, goofballs! Go plant something, or frolic outside, or make some bunny cake pops. Lobe!


4 thoughts on “Pop…Goes Spring!

      • Scared? Don’t be. Really all you have to do is bake a cake according to the box directions, let it completely cool & then (with clean hands) crumble the cake into a big bowl. Once you have cake crumbs, just add about 1/2 to 3/4 of a can of frosting. (Or make your own). You want the cake to resemble dry-ish dough, with crumbs that easily pinch together. Not too wet! Form into 1.5″ balls and then I like to put the sticks in them immediately. Put the balls on sticks on a cookie sheet to freeze for a few hours. When they are pretty solid, melt chocolate chips or chocolate coating and dip the balls on sticks into the chocolate. If you have a cake pop stand, it makes letting them dry a lot easier. If not, you can use florist foam or styrofoam to keep the sticks upright while the chocolate melts. then, Decorate as you wish. See, easy! You can do it! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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