Springing Ahead

I am not the biggest fan of Spring. Mostly because that means that summer is right behind it (I don’t like the heat) but also because I lose a precious hour of sleep. Darn you, springing ahead! Anyway, pardon me while it takes me a while to adjust. I will bounce back soon, I promise. ūüôā

Springing Ahead

So, this weekend I started on my St Patty’s Day treats for my office mates. Thin Mint truffles. Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest. So, all I did was grind up a box of Thin Mint GS cookies and added 4 oz. of cream cheese to the crumbs, using my Kitchenaid. Then, I rolled those suckers into small balls (smaller than the recipe called for, since I needed to make a whole bunch, and wanted to make sure everyone gets one for our celebration this Friday.) Then put them in the freezer. They are still there. I will dip them in white chocolate and decorate¬†with ither green sprinkles or green icing, I am not sure which. But I’ll be doing that Thursday night and will post a picture then. Either way, I’m ahead of the game on this one.

I also made Marinara¬†sauce to stock my Etsy Store. Follow THIS LINK if you want me to ship you some. It’s delicious and 100% vegetarian.¬† Here’s the picture of my efforts:


The picture is of me, at 4 years old in my ballet¬†tutu. My dad says, “You weren’t much of a dancer, but you sure loved that tutu.” It makes me laugh every time I see the pic and think about him saying that, this is why I use this picture. Anyway, buy some, it’s awesome.

The last thing I did this weekend was to use some of the sauce to make Eggplant Parm. I baked the coated Eggplant, not fried it. It’s not quite the same as restaurant type EP, but it’s pretty delicious still. Here’s what it looked like: (I made this in stacks, not cohesive layers which makes it¬†easier for me to portion out.)

Eggplant Parm

¬†Later, goofballs. I’m gonna go have another cup of coffee & try to wake up & warm up. LoBes!


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