Lighten Up!

That’s good advice. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to lighten up & not take things too seriously. I recently was a little annoyed about someone misrepresenting themselves to me, and even though I thought I had let it go, I really didn’t feel that much better (or truly over it) until I turned the iPod tunes all the way up and sang at the top of my lungs and danced in my car this morning while running errands. Whew, glad THAT’S over, finally!

So, in the spirit of lightening up emotionally, I thought I’d do the same with my menus. This morning I made oatmeal (premixed quick oats, cinnamon, a pinch of brown sugar, and a sprinkling of pecans. Premixing this stuff & keeping it in a mason jar makes life sooooo much easier!) and it kept me full until I got home around lunchtime and then made Cucumber Sammy Boats.


I have to admit I found this on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant. All you do is take a medium-to-small sized cucumber, peel it, discard the icky tough ends, then cut it in half then each of those halves in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds (easy with a spoon) and place 1/4 of a slice of cheese in each cucumber “boat.” Top each boat with 1/2 a rolled piece of deli turkey. It’s crunchy, cheesy and yummy. I definitely was full after eating all 4 pieces, and didn’t miss the bread one bit.

Don’t worry, I’ve been busier than that today. I also made “yogurt dots” by mixing fat free plain Greek yogurt with a little almond flavored sugar-free Torani syrup & a little leftover cherry jam I made a while back that I needed to use up. I put he mixture in a ziplock bag, then piped little “dots” on a cookie sheet lined with a silpat mat and put it in the freezer. Should be a fun treat later tonight.

Oh, and here’s why I was laughing like an idiot all by myself in the Harris Teeter (or as I call it, “the Teet”) this morning:

I don’t know what that is, but it made me giggle like a schoolgirl when I saw it. 🙂 I swear sometimes I am just one loud-ass juvenile laugh away from being carted away by the men in white coats. A padded room sounds nice and relaxing, honestly. A whole room covered in mattresses? Nap time, here I come!

So, lastly I received a present from home today that just made my day. A card from my Ma’ma with a little silver bow necklace in a box. LoBe it so much! It’s great when your favorite people remind you that they have you in their thoughts. Oh, and I got a pillow for my “LoBe” pillow cover that was my valentines present from home. LoBe that more than they will ever know. Here it is: (Note to self, must keep away from JB!)




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