What, what??? Yeah. I kind of don’t have words right now. This could possibly be the best thing I ever tasted. Ever. If I died right now, it’d be ok (sorry friends & family & assorted loved ones) because I would know I have tasted heaven. And it tastes like the decadent salty-sweet concoction of a salted pretzel milkshake.

I know, I just had to wipe my tears away so I could continue typing. I was looking for a copycat Frosty recipe online when I came across this blog where this woman went on and on about how good this pretzel milkshake he had was. It totally sounded like something I would loBe, so I had to try it. It does not disappoint. Frosty who? Beat it, bub. There’s a new milkshake in town & she blows you out of the water!

Take a handful or two of mini pretzels, vanilla bean ice cream and milk (I used coconut almond milk b/c that’s how I roll) and blend until desired consistency.

Give this a try, even if you are skeptical. It is more delicious than I have words for. Later, goofballs!



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