Comfort Food

Everyone has a different definition of comfort food. Tonight after a normally 20 minute ride home from work took an hour and fifteen minutes (because apparently Southerners don’t know how to drive in a teeny bit of snow) I really wanted a mushroom quesadilla, a margarita, and key lime cheesecake. But…I didn’t want to wait hours and hours for any of it. The snow had chilled me to the bone, and tonight was all about putting on the jammies, getting it done, and then snuggling up with the puppy and enjoying. So I made the cheesecake in 7 minutes instead. Yeah, I said seven (7) minutes. Damn, Gina! (All you Martin Lawrence fans know what I’m talkin’ about here.) I know!!!

So back to the cheesecake. I wouldn’t even try to take credit for this…it would be a travesty. I used this recipe. It’s fantastic. And she is my new cooking/baking genius idol. I wish I was so cool. 🙂

Came out beautifully. Definitely try it. 🙂

Aha, now to relax with JB. Snuggle puppy!!!



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