Let’s Do Lunch

I have been obsessed with the mushroom quesadilla at this little Mexican place near work. They are fresh and delicious, served with shredded lettuce, guacamole and if course sour cream. Oh hellz yeah. Or rather si, por favor!

So I went food shopping today and I got a bunch of (unsliced because they are cheaper) button mushrooms, onions and the small size flour tortillas as well as some cheese. I probably should have used queso blanco or manchego (my iPad just auto corrected that to “man hero” lol) cheese to be more authentic, but I already had some slicing havarti in my cart for something else I have planned this week, so I am using that for my quesadillas as
well. It melts beautifully.

So, I chopped & cooked the onions (yeah I wore my Onion Goggles, I’m such a wus) and mushrooms with a teeny bit of salt and some butter. That took a while, but pre-cooking this stuff will make it easier to have quesadilla instant gratification all week. Once they were done cooking, I got out 2 tortillas (b/c they are the small size ones- large size I would have used only one & folded over) and put one in the same pan as I used to cook the onions & mushrooms and topped it with some of the yummy onion-mushroom mixture.

Then I topped that with a slice of the havarti (next time I will use 3/4 of a slice, as a whole slice was a bit much)

Then I placed the other tortilla on top of that, flipped it over and waited for the tortilla to cook & the cheese to melt. Then I took it off the heat and cut it into 4 pieces. I had a teeny spoon of sour cream and some shredded lettuce with it. So so so good. A close second to the little Mexican place around the corner from work. Winner!

While eating this at home wasn’t as entertaining as watching the owner of the Mexican place make googly eyes and drool all over my coworker, it sure was yummy and quick. Give it a try.



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