Getting Organized

I suppose I’m making up for lost time today- I’m getting a whole lot crossed off my to-do list and having some fun, too.

Ever since I moved to my new place here in Chesapeake, I have enjoyed my extra closet space very much. What I don’t enjoy, however, is how the wire shelves in each of the closets and pantry make it difficult to store small sized bottles and other small items without them toppling over and falling off the shelves every time I open the cabinet, closet, etc. Soooo annoying. I needed a solution. And quick, before I decide to just give up and throw everything into baskets never to be seen again.

I was discussing this with a coworker last week and she suggested I use that grippy-spongy type shelf paper. Hello, genius!!! One roll (8′ long) was exactly the right length for my pantry shelves. However, it was too wide, so while it was still rolled up in the packaging, I had a moment of clarity and figured I could cut it to the correct width with a serrated knife. Worked like a charm and was a hell of a lot faster (& more even looking) than it would have been to cut the entire 8′ length. Yay! So, I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in my life already. Nothing falls over, hits my toe, causing me to hobble all over the kitchen and most likely step on Jackson anymore. Woohoo! Here’s a picture. Please, no judging on what’s in the pantry, yo. I’m definitely not a junk food hoarder, but I’m no saint either… If anything, should hear about this, given that most of my pantry is full of various awesome items I purchased from them. 🙂

Now I just have to go get more so I can finish the rest of the shelves….

Now the linen closet is another issue entirely. Sure, using the spongy-grippy shelf liner would work there as well, but it was bothering me thinking of all those teeny tiny bottles and spending a bunch of time to keep them orderly at all times. Sooooo…. I was at La Target today (lol) and they had these plastic rectangular containers on sale for 69 cents each. Whoah, Nelly. I purchased four of them, thinking that they would fit nicely on a shelf. This way, I could group makeup, face washes/creams, pharmacy items & first aid each in their own little container. Brilliant!!!

Here’s how that turned out…


I fixed a problem (well, two really) that have been bothering me since May. Woop.

Next on the agenda? Taking the stickers off the linen closet containers (lol), Wool Dryer Balls & making my own dishwasher & laundry powders. Maybe tomorrow… I’m exhausted from all the organizing! Later, goofballs!


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