Black Market Gravy (I make-a da sauce)

Hey! Today was sauce day, and I’m not gonna lie, I’m exhausted. I started at 7 am (thanks to my little furry alarm clock, I was already on my second cup of coffee by then) and finished around 3 this afternoon. The house smells amazing and I have the satisfaction of having a stockpile of Black Market Sauce (gravy) with which to bribe friends, neighbors, coworkers and hopefully sell a few as well. (Thus, no recipe for this one.) Store link coming soon.

The sauce has a very modest but cult following. I love when people Tell me they love it. The sound of the canning jars “popping” closed makes my day. Clearly I need a life, but in the meantime, I make-a da sauce, schweetheart. 😉

Have a great weekend! Later, goofballs!



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