Actual Pizza sent to my boss one April Fools Day. Hi-Larious!

Actual Pizza sent to my boss one April Fools Day. It’s totally unrelated to this post, but still Hi-Larious!

That’s Single Witty Bakers, not to be confused with the 1990’s psychological thriller, Single White Female. Although, dating is A LOT like a horror story. At least, it has been for me. You will have to wait for my book to be completed or published to get the whole scoop, but I’ve seen it all out there… it’s rough days for Single Witty Bakers like me. So, if you know someone great… 😉

What’s funny is now that it’s the new year, apparently all the dating sites are angling to get your business and take your single ass off the market. Or at the very least get you to pay their membership fees. They figure people who broke up over the holidays because they didn’t want to buy each other Christmas or Hanukkah presents are about ready to get back out there and swim in the dating pool now that its 2013. I totally get that. However, I completely object to having my personal email blown up by every site on earth. The randomness of it all is pretty hilarious.

Great, so now in addition to a barrage of emails from “Senior People Meet,” “Horny Housewives,” “J Date,” “Black People Meet” and “Asian Singles,” now I’m also receiving emails from “Indian Dating” and “Russian Dolls.” I actually find this all pretty amusing, but am slightly concerned since there isn’t a “Meet Funny Pasty White Girls Who Like To Sing While Baking” site. Yet.

Although I would love to meet a nice Jewish guy, or a African American fellow, Perhaps an Asian suitor or an Indian Prince, or even a Hunky Senior (as long as he was loaded, mind you), I am not down with the Housewives or the Dolls. Thats just not for me. Sorry, ladies.

So, if you fall into any of the other categories, hit me up. Maybe we can bake beautiful music together! Har Har. (Clearly this individual needs to have a sense of humor and a high pain threshold for bad jokes. Inquire within… :0) Later, goofballs!


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