Lemon Meringue Pie Shots

I’m not egomaniacal enough to think I invented this, but I sure did discover something cool today. I’m calling them Lemon Meringue Pie shots. I made lemon simple syrup yesterday because I had lemons I needed to use up. So, today I was trying to think what I could possibly use it for. I put a little in some fizzy water for a pseudo lemon soda. It was good. That’s what made me think it would go great with a shot of whipped cream flavored vodka and a splash of fizzy water. Oh hellz yeah, that’s awesome! I’m not a big drinker (that’s why it’s taken me over 4 months (with guests) to get through one half of a small bottle of whipped cream vodka) but I do enjoy a drink now and again and even though I like wine (never beer) I prefer to concoct something new and cool. Thus the LMP shot. Try it (if you’re over 21 & not if you’re driving, that is.) Later, goofballs!



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