Flock of Scary Sheep

(Not at all like Flock of Seagulls. Well, maybe a little.)

Years ago, my family used to have this ongoing joke we played on each other. Yeah, we’re THAT kind of family. It’s awesome, trust me- nobody laughs harder than we do when we are together. I can’t really tell this story without a little background info, so hang in there, short-attention-span-theater, OK? I should tell you that my mom has really impeccable taste- in art, clothes, furnishings, you name it… she just has a gift. She always picked out beautiful & tasteful decorations at Christmas time as well. Well, one year my father was out running errands just before Christmas, and he happened to pick up a few decorations on his own. I am sure he thought he was doing his part to join in on the seasonal spirit and fun…but holy hell… what he brought home were these two angel ornaments which had these teeny tiny painted plastic heads with gigantic bodies. They were so out of proportion (and dressed badly) that they looked like deranged, psychopath angels who I can only imagine would have moonlighted in orphanages scaring little kids just for kicks. We all immediately started referring to them as “The Scary Angels.” I really wish I had a picture to show you, they were quite something to behold.

They became such a joke within the family that I decided to hide them in various places around the house- in the freezer ice-cube tray, under my Dad’s pillow, in the bathroom above the vanity lights, in my Dad’s closet wearing his shoes, his briefcase, and anywhere else I thought my unsuspecting & adorable Dad would find them and laugh. Once he got over the fact that we were mocking him for his bad taste in ornaments (which is surprising, because no one dresses better than him. He is quite stylish & has great taste) he really got into hiding the angels on me as well. Once he and my mom got to one of my friends and had her hide it in my office at work. They mailed one to me, and even hid one in my car once. So, it was back and forth, for many years with the hiding of the Scary Angels. Quite the funny family pastime, until it got old or we lost the angels. (I’m pretty sure I accidentally left one of them in my old car when I traded it in. I like to think that thing scared the bejesus out of the new owner when they found it. Score!) So, years went by with no Scary Angel hiding, and I have to tell you, something was ever-so-slightly missing for those 5 or 6 years….


…Until this year, baby! I found these little guys online and immediately thought, “SCARY SHEEP!” I texted a picture to my brother, who instantly approved, and once again, it was on! But this time, as a bonus, I had the help of my awesome nephew (The Cornball) to be my partner in crime. Oh, the unsuspecting parental units… it was great… The Cornball positioned one over the pool table in the light fixture, and I dangled the other one from a chandelier in one of the bedrooms… hilarious!

 Scary Sheep

It took them 7 days to find the one by the pool table, even with a house full of guests. The other one they found just today. My Dad sent me a text, “Game on. The 2nd sheep found.” With such a creative bunch, I can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s really so hard to be so far from home for things like this….


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