Hey! So, the first day back to work after 11 days off wasn’t too bad except for the fact that they decided to turn off the water main for maintenance and there were several dozen port a potties all over the site. Yikes. Yeah, not ideal. When they announced this at 9 am, I was already regretting the two cups of coffee I drank in the last 2 hours. Oh.my.god. So, that’s when I decided to break protocol and walk the mile and a half to the one building that actually had water & working facilities. Then, a few hours later, a friend and I decided it would be a good idea to go to lunch, somewhere that offered running water. Win-win! So, overall not a bad day. Oh, I almost forgot- the BOJ (I’ll explain this one later) serenaded me (that boy can sing!) on my walk back to my office and asked for my number. Woohoo! I love the south! No way a northern boy would make a fool of himself like that for a girl.

When I came home, I packaged up some lotion bars to mail to friends, then realized I was now out of my secret stash of them and went into panic mode (no, not really!) so of course I wanted to try a new recipe to make more. This time I made them with cocoa butter, coconut oil, and beeswax, equal portions. They smell amazing. I can’t wait until they are cool & solid so I can show you. I made them in the flower molds again because I think it’s a great size. Plus, I’m completely obsessed with anything flower-shaped. Especially jewelry, but we can talk about that another time.


So, what’s this got to do with zit-zapper, you say? Not a damn thing. I just got out of hand there for a minute. Hey, it happens! I read a few articles/blog posts about how tea tree oil is good for clearing up zits & acne. Now, I don’t have constant zits, but I do occasionally get a small breakout, and thus need an emergency remedy…STAT! Haha. So, you can’t put tea tree oil directly on your face because its too strong and could cause irritation, so you need to dilute it with something. But what? How about 100% pure aloe gel? Non greasy, non clogging, non smelly. Which is more than I can say for the tea tree oil. Man, that stuff stinks like a motha. (Imagine the NJ accent there & it’s funnier.) So, I dug out my aloe gel and found a super cute glass container (you want glass for anything tea tree related) and pumped about 45 pumps of aloe gel into the container, and followed it up with 45 drops of tea tree oil, then mixed with a clean spoon until well combined. I did try this out in a tiny-batch trial before using all these ingredients, mind you. It seemed to work well, so I figured it was safe to make a bigger batch. This stuff absorbs into your face and greatly reduces the redness and zits. At least that was my experience- and I have super sensitive, easily-angered skin. 😦 I can’t vouch for your skin. I’d say try with a test patch first, just to be safe. Anyway, here it is:



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