Christmas Crafts

So, now that the giving of gifts is over, I can safely post this. I made this advent calendar for my brother and his family this Christmas and it came out so well, I found myself contemplating keeping it. Haha. How awful of me… So, in order to not be the worst sister ever, I gave them the original one, complete with awesome handmade ornaments, and made a second for myself and JB. This is the one I kept. I made some of the ornaments myself but purchased most of them at Target- they were a steal at about $1 or $2 each. Woop.

What’s hilarious is that Jack seemed so interested in the whole thing- every morning I would say, “time to add an ornament!” and he would come running over and watch me add another to the calendar. Could my boy BE any cuter?

My favorite ornament I made this year was a glass ball I filled with a few strands of red raffia. LoBe this!


The other thing I did this year was participate in the work door decorating competition. I went all out and tried my best & kept it classy but apparently to win you needed to really cheeze up your door with tacky wrapping paper and a light display worthy of a show at Hayden Planetarium that blinks along with awful, loud-ass Christmas carols. Ugh, whatevah. Here’s what I did. (All handmade, mind you, besides the garland and the Santa sign.) Sigh…You can’t win them all…




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