Gluten Guilt

So, before I went home to NJ for Christmas, I made a ton of bread to take to my family. I’ve been bragging about my bread prowess (lol) to them forever so it was time to put my money (or carbs) where my mouth was. Here’s some of the bread I took with me: (The rye bread pics are missing, sadly.)


When I got back to VA, I have to say I was feeling a little gluten guilt. In other words, even though my bread kicks ass, and I REALLY wanted to scarf down a (really small, more like a roll) loaf for breakfast, all toasty and crusty and yummy, I couldn’t bring myself to do it… White bread isn’t awesome for you, haven’t you heard? I totally hate the jerks who figured that out, btw. So, I whipped up a batch of 10 grain (ok, six grains are all I had, but 6 grain just sounds like I was being lazy) bread and there is a picture of it below. Word.

What is the problem with gluten anyway? When did it become the enemy? I mean, it seems like just about every time I open a magazine or turn on the TV, someone’s bragging about making their old awesome tasting product “gluten free” and now it tastes god-awful. Have you ever tasted anything gluten free? They should call that shit taste-free instead. And since when is the root of all evil poor old sad gluten anyway? Btw, you have to add EXTRA gluten to whole grain bread for it to make you taste the magic. So there. Im gonna go have a piece (or three). If I start bouncing off the walls, having an asthma attack, or losing my shit, you’ll know why. Later, goofballs.

For the record, this 6 grain bread is amazing. A little touch of honey in the dough made this a big winner. Holla!


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